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Having solar photovoltaic (PV) system installed on your home should greatly reduce your electrical utility costs for many years, as determined by the manufacturer's warranty for the lifespan of the modules, by giving you energy from the sun, inverted from Direct Current (DC) to give you the same Alternating Circuit (AC) energy that your standard electrical appliances are already using now.

By getting more of your electrical energy from the sun, you will go "greener" for our nation and the planet, by reducing your local utility's future dependence on any foreign sources of carbon- based fossil fuel, and lessening your local power plant's' emissions of carbon dioxide, an important component gas in the "greenhouse" effect theory of global warming, and the subject of much debate and proposed regulation and taxes.

Dave and Albert mounting the rail system

If your utility bills, its customers in multiple tier rates, according to energy use, and penalizes those customers using the most kilowatts of energy, solar energy will especially help you to save on your utility bill, as you might find that the most expensive tier or tiers rates are no longer on your bill once you have added the solar PV system.

The grid-tied system we offer allows you to participate in net-metering with your local utility, and Lusin Corporation will fill out the application forms. The meter at your home or commercial property will continue to measure and account for your kilowatt use from your public utility sources during the night and other times when your use exceeds the kilowatts generated from your solar PV system. But with solar energy and net-metering, the meter will also automatically spin backwards during those sunny days when your modules are producing more energy than you are using. That is when you will help yourself and other local energy users by automatically selling your excess electricity back to the utility, lessening your annual bill and allowing the public to use some renewable energy. And if enough people installed solar PV arrays, future construction of any expensive and emission-polluting power plants for your area's energy needs could be delayed even longer, saving money and reducing the need to levy extra taxes for a new power plant.

Chuck installing an additional module

As an owner of a PV solar system, you can take pride in adopting a renewable energy source, reducing carbon-based and other fuel use, while also realizing that the very earliest adopters years ago have helped bring prices per kilowatt down to today's prices. The solar energy system, which you would purchase, will add a significant and special feature to your home without a property valuation increase for it. Your solar system will increase the value of your home by one year of electrical savings times twenty!

While you are using some renewable energy to reduce your fuel needs from your area's electrical utility company, your neighbors still without solar modules might be paying greater bills for years to come at top tier rates that might increase, either because the cost of energy increases over time, or because higher consumer taxes on those bills might get assessed, over the next decade or even sooner.

The energy to be produced will depend on the solar modules, inverters, your roof, and the shading over it. A solar module consultant will meet with you onsite to discuss your current energy usage and module options.

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